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by Gurkiran Kaur on April 20, 2013

‘Facebook Home’, launched on 4th April 2013 is a mobile experience which will put facebook service front and centre on your Android phone. This app (rather a bundle of apps) replaces normal Android home-screen with Facebook on your homescreen and you can access it even without having to unlocking your phone. It is incredibly native to comment and like from your homescreen, isn’t it? Also, everything is full-screen and incredibly visual.

Facebook Home 1

Home is a family of facebook apps which turns your Android phone into a facebook phone. Let me give you guys a quick overview:

  • As soon as you turn on your phone, you see posts from your news feed so, you will come to know the latest updates from your friends, swipe through to see more.
  • Double tap to like a photo or post and simply comment from the cover feed.
  • Talking about the notifications from Facebook, they appear on your homescreen.
  •  Open notifications with a tap or clear them away to see your news feed. Notifications stick around only as long as you want want them be there.

HTC First (launched recently), is also known as ‘Facebook Phone’ because it is the first handset with Facebook Home pre-loaded. The circled Facebook “f” icon is on the back of this handset, between logos for HTC and AT&T. The “f” is the first thing you see when you switch it on. Though you can disable it the Facebook Home screen is your designated landing spot by default.

Facebook Home 2

Facebook Home can be installed in other android phones in a few simple steps :

  • Uninstall every other facebook app that you have in your phone.
  • Download the h.a.c.k.e.d. version of Facebook home (link : d-h.st/qOz). Extract the .rar files.
  • Install the official Facebook Home (com.facebook.katana), then facebook home launcher (com.facebook.home) and then facebook messenger(com.facebook.orca).
  • Enable Facebook Home under the facebook app setting and reboot your device.

This completes your installation and now you can have a new and enhanced Facebook experience :-)

On Facebook Home, chatting is also done in a very smooth and easy manner. You will see a round icon of the ‘face of the person’ with whom you are chatting. These are called ‘Chat Heads’. What it does is that, it allows you to reply directly from the chat heads or just move them around if you are not ready to respond or if you are using another app, just let the chat head be there and tap on it to read the message after you are done using the app. You can easily jump in and out of the chat whenever you receive some other messages such as a whatsapp msg or SMS.

Facebook Home 3

One obvious fact is that, we are not having a phone just to use Facebook in an easy manner. So question arises, what about the other apps and functionalities of phone? Well, it puts your other apps and menu option on one icon and lets you do other stuff on your phone hand-in-hand. You can slide for the menu option and go on using other apps too and you are always having your Facebook on your homescreen.

We spend so much of time using Facebook everyday, it will simply put facebook on your homescreen. So now, you do not need to use any other app on phone or your PCs to use facebook. You are ceaselessly connected!

Facebook Home 4

Before we end the story, let’s see what Adam Mosseri have to say about Facebook Home :

Install Facebook home today and give a whole new dimension to your social networking experience. Get connected, like never before!

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