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by Jason on March 12, 2013

Memory Management is a hot topic in iOS for both developers as well as users. While there are a plethora of tips and techniques for developers to avoid memory leakage, it still remains a problem faced by lots of users.

Memory Mate Pro 1Now, users finally have a solution to this problem as Alice Dev Team has released an app Memory Mate Pro, which at a single tap allows the users to free the RAM and run multiple applications without any second thought.

Sporting an incredibly easy-to-use UI, “Memory Mate Pro” gives its users a graphical representation to the memory usage with a simple Reload Button along with Memory Stats feature which gives the user latest info about free, active, inactive and wired memory.

Memory Mate Pro is a simple to use application that optimizes the memory on iPhones and iPads,” said Stanislav Kuptsov, CEO of Alice Dev Team. “The app also has a slick interface that really enhances the user experience. We’re sure our users are going to love it.”

Some of the notable features of Memory Mate Pro are:-Memory Mate Pro 2

  1. An easy-to-comprehend graphical model of memory usage

  2. “Reload Stats” function

  3. “Memory Stats” function which provides latest info of free, active, inactive, and wired memory.

“Memory Mate Pro” is your one-tap solution to all your memory problems.

It is available for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.

You can check out the other cool apps on Alice Dev Team’s official website.

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