Photoscape – Fun and Easy Photo Editing Software

by Bharath Sada on February 12, 2013

If you are looking for editorial software for photos, you are at the right place as all you need is photoscape. It is free and has everything from editor to printing paper layout options. Thus you can do anything from editing to printing finished page at one single place!

Photoscape includes following options at the top navigation bar for easy browsing:

  • Viewer
  • Editor
  • Batch editor
  • Page
  • Combine
  • Animated GIF
  • Print

Besides these, Photoscape also includes :

  • Splitter
  • Screen capture
  • Paper print

Now let’s see all the options one by one in details :

Viewer: This enables you to browse photos on the left side of window where it shows path to current photo and on the right you can view photo.  To the left side corner, it shows preview of the selected photo. It has standard controls like arrow keys left and right for next and previous photo, up and down keys for zoom in or out and towards the bottom, it shows option for printing or deleting image and also for rotation of image. You can add images to your favorite’s folder by clicking star option on the bottom-left corner. In short, you can manage your edited/unedited photos the way you want, in a very natural and intuitive manner.

Editor: This feature provides pretty much everything for the basic editing of an image such as crop, resize, brightness adjustment, color adjustment, contrast adjustment, sharpening, and many different filters like film, vintage, antique, tint, texture etc. to help you process your image in various different ways. There is a feature named bloom for adjusting the amount of bloom and blur in your  image. And many more different features to give you a powerful editing tool as a whole. Editor also offer options like horizontal/vertical mirror image (mirror option, placed just above resize button), which can be used to make funny images. It offers to zoom the image up to 500% with clarity.

Batch Editor: In Batch Editor, you can edit mass photos. You can choose either to convert all photos or just the current picture. This option is placed to your right-side pane, where you can also edit image properties such as height and width etc. Here one can also crop a pic. If you want to undo the settings, you can go ahead and opt for the initialize option which is to the right corner. This will reset all the changes made to the photo or batch of photos. You can also save the configuration done to the images and apply to later images, using save config. button.

Page: This is a pretty interesting feature. Here you can arrange images in a specific layout. You can choose a layout from a number of options that is offered to you by default (which is over one hundred) that ranges from just one image to every possible kind of layouts. This is mainly used when publishing posters or flyovers or presentations.

Combine: Here the name says it all. You can combine two or more images in stack, either top to bottom or left to right. You can also add frame to edited canvas. That shows up the total canvas size. You can also give a background color to it.

Animated gif: This feature is more like the movie maker feature, but with limited choices and working with only images that offers more of slideshow.  It offers options like changing time of image display, effects (in which you get options to move sideways or top to bottom, blur effect etc.) and setting canvas properties etc. Thus, it offers you are nice Gif maker and lets you create Gif images in a quick and convenient manner.

Print: This option is for those who want a professional print of the image with some specific alignment adjustments. Here you get two types of print, i.e. print portrait & thumbnail print. In portrait print you can mention size of the shot that you want to print. It offers options like photo to be printed should fit or paper full or full photo. Then you could just set the image alignment and print it. In thumbnail you can specify number of rows and columns. Rest you got to do the just like the portrait. Last but not the least, it provides online development with more options.

Splitter: Splitter feature allows you to split the selected images in a specified number of rows and columns and in a specified height and width by using split cell.

Screen capture: Screen capture option helps you in capturing screen shot of the page that you are currently browsing. It facilitates capturing full screen or just window of the opened file or a specific region or just capture out of last memory. Image is copied to clipboard and can be pasted anywhere or you open edit option to edit the just captured screen image.

Paper printer: This option gives different predefined templates of paper for printing, ranging from notebook paper to music notes paper and a few other types. Most templates are available in 6 different colors. One can even printout the graph sheets and dotted paper. It also offers calendar in which you get years from 2008 to 2017.

Hope you found this article useful. If you have any suggestions/queries, feel free to drop a comment below. For more awesome stuff, please like and subscribe Techwikasta.

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