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Fedora Unveiled its Latest Version – Fedora 18 Linux

by Guest Author on February 7, 2013

A lot of delays and setbacks have been experienced by the Fedora folks. After much hassle, Fedora has recently unveiled the newest Linux distro – the Fedora 18. This is popularly known as “Spherical Cow” by the code name. Here is the List of Features of Fedora 18 :

  • One biggest feature of this Fedora 18 is – it now has the support of UEFI Secure Boot. The use of bootloaders having certified by Microsoft has made it possible for implementing this support to the Linux distro. In a word, you can say that you will have no problem at all in booting up this recent version, Fedora 18 with one PC system having the Windows 8 OS.
  • Besides this, this latest version also released a highly revamped Anaconda installer. It is given a modernized look and is specifically designed to cater you easier and faster installation of the operating system. So, enjoy installing your OS at a much quicker pace than before!

This feature is greatly helpful, in case Fedora intends to make an attempt of drawing in the Windows 8 users who are highly discontented with this OS and are not using the Metro UI.

  • GNOME 3.6 is the base of the desktop interface of Fedora 18. This desktop interface brings with it horde of new features such as a slick file manager, the recent shell-style locking screen, extensive use of the app menus and many more such relevant and interesting features. Fedora also gives a treat to the developers!

As proclaimed by Fedora, “Fedora 18 includes several language and programming environment updates, with fresh versions of Python, Rails, D and Perl. Clojure tooling packages and libraries have also been added in this release. Finally, SystemTap has been updated to the 2.0 release, extending its capabilities for instrumenting code and other diagnostic capabilities, and providing those abilities to a greater pool of user access levels.

So many updates are now available for you with the new Linux version! Here is your option to use Perl, D, Rails and Python. Can’t you wait for upgrading to this newest Fedora version? Then rush to download a free copy of your’s from official site of fedora project.

This latest version of Fedora is available for 64-bit and 32-bit systems operating on x86 hardware. Fedora has declared that it plans to release the free version of its operating system half yearly. That means you will have the privilege to use the new version of OS after every 6 months. Is it not interesting? There’s a lot more about this great free OS which you can explore, this was just an update of the ‘update’. Hope you enjoyed :)

Author’s Bio: David Austin is a software professional who has all the updated knowledge about the different software programs. Recently, he has learnt about the Linux OS. He suggests that to use this newest version, more about this can also be read at  Linux OS support services.

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