Samsung Youm – Bend,Roll and Fold your device!

by Drashti Thakkar on January 30, 2013

During the Consumer Electronics show(CES) 2013 at Las Vegas, Samsung introduced its first flexible display called ‘Samsung Youm’.The CES was full of surprises and this was probably one of the biggest of those. As for now, they’ve just launched its prototype which uses the OLED technology.

Let us first have a look at what the OLED Technology really is.

What is OLED technology?

OLED is an Organic Light Emitting Diode unlike the conventional LED’s which are made up of inorganic semiconductors, whereas the working of OLED’s is quite similar to that of LED’s. It uses the same principle of electron-hole recombination. OLED’s consist of two layers i.e. the emissive layer and conductive layer. The radiation occurs at the emissive layer.

Why OLED Technology?

OLED’s are power efficient than the normal LED’s and are very soft light sources. This means one can look directly at any OLED light source without being dazzled. They are extremely thin and weigh very less. OLED’s are expected to be least expensive in near future.

The prototype has a 5 inch screen curved at its edges making it look quite different and unique from the other phones.


These edges display notifications (landscape orientation). The only good thing about such edges it that it will help the user to check messages, tickers and other widgets with the phone cover on.

The other prototype using the same OLED technology, displayed at CES 2013 by Samsung is nameless. It was a very thin Smartphone running windows 8. This prototype is said to be bendable and virtually unbreakable. Mr. Brian Berkeley, Vice President of OLED technology centre at Samsung flaunted their new device and left everyone in shock. He pulled out the thin screen from a small case.

Samsung Youm

This wasn’t just enough. He also showed off their Smart- Tablet, a Tablet which could be folded into a phone. Samsung also showcased their TV sets having OLED displays.


They have used plastic panels for these devices instead of the conventional glass panels. This is what makes them unbreakable. The OLED displays being very thin are mounted on these plastic panels making them what they are (Bendable and foldable). Unfortunately, these devices are said to be more costly than the regular ones, the only reason being their plastic panels.

Now the question arises that ‘Will ‘Samsung Youm’ usher in the next mobile generation??’ We just need to wait and watch. Thank you for your time and feel free to post your queries in the comment box below.

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