How to Save your phone screen from Scratches

by Senjuti Kundu on January 20, 2013

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Locate scratches on your glossy new phone?  It is pretty much obnoxious. So to get rid of the scratches, you might invest on a screen guard or cell-phone cover which you may think is the best resolution. But here are also some freeways on how to prevent and liberate your handset from these scratches.

1. Assign a special pocket for your phone. Coins,  keys and especially sand scratch your phone very easily. If pressed hard against the screen, their sharp edges can irreparably damage the pixels on your phone.

2. Don’t be vigorous while playing games on your phone. Gripping your phone too hard can damage it. Avoid the temptation to throw the phone across the room when you get a lame SMS – remember it’s not the messenger’s fault.

3. Clean your screen every week. Be careful about whom you’ve hand over your phone to and as to where you’re keeping it. Common sense is key.

4. Keep your phone away from moisture. It’ll make your phone behave in unexpected ways. If you’re still determined to pursue the path of screen-guard-free phones, you can try keeping your cell phone in an airtight plastic bag. And consume the habit of not placing your phone on any rough sort of surface or drinks spilt surface. In accordance with Murphy’s Law, they’ll always spill at the worst possible moment.

How to get rid of scratches…

1. Dab a bit of paste-based (not gel) toothpaste on a tissue or soft cloth and rub it gently in a circular pattern on your phone where the scratches are most prominent. Allow it to stay for few minutes. Then remove it using a moistened tissue. Repeat as many times as necessary. Be careful though, as some toothpaste can contain abrasives. Experiment on a small section of your phone first, before you decide to get too daring.

2. You can also use baby powder or baking soda mixed with a few drops of water in lieu of toothpaste for the same results.

3. And if you’re in a DIY mood, you can always try out this tutorial.

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Rating: 8.8/10 (31 votes cast)
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How to Save your phone screen from Scratches, 8.8 out of 10 based on 31 ratings
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  • Ayush Pranav

    The tutorial was helpful and will try the tooth paste one.

  • Tanya sharma

    i tried the tooth paste one, worked for me ;)

  • Geetanjali

    Helped a great deal!

  • manasa

    ha ha ha..good one..i have to try this..i just hope my new mobile doesnt look strange museum peice now..

  • Kshatriya Pawan Singh

    I’m so fed up with ds screen is really helpful ->

  • arwal

    I swear I needed this. -.-

  • tulasi ramya

    wow its good.. most of us are always worried about the scratches on the screen specially if it is new mobil,e our heart gets pounding if anything happens to our mobile screen. i am gonna try the baby powder one :P and the tutorial of screen protector its good one.