Best Greasemonkey Scripts for Youtube

by Senjuti Kundu on January 28, 2013

Of course we’re all familiar with the memes depicting epic battles between Chrome and Firefox (both triumphing by several orders of magnitude over Internet Explorer though). But unless you’ve customized your Firefox to suit your needs, it’s just a faster version of IE in fact. With thousands of customizable options available in the form of plug-in and extensions for your Firefox, it is almost a crime not to. And here’s where you can say Firefox win hands down over Chrome as Google doesn’t offer as many customization options as Mozilla does. Here’s where Greasemonkey scripts come in – its customization is like heaven for all geeks!
Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to manage user scripts for Firefox. It allows you to customize the way a page looks or behaves, by using nuggets of JavaScript. There are hundreds of scripts available on this site.
Greasemonkey scripts can be downloaded off the Net or written by yourself fairly-easily (if you’re interested to learn more, check out wiki to get started). To enable Greasemonkey scripts, download Greasymonkey Firefox add-on. Then follow the link of the script that you want to download, read through its source code if you want or simply call Install on its page. They’re lightweight and very convenient. Here are the best Greasemonkey scripts for YouTube:

1. YouTube Better Loopy - Don’t you tend to listen, to a song over and over again when it has gotten into your head? YouTube doesn’t seem to have grasped the concept of ‘addiction’ – it doesn’t offer you any options to play a song on infinite loop. It can be a pain to keep on shuttling between the work you’re doing and the YouTube page, as to click on the replay button every now & then. Here’s where Loopy comes in – it can loop songs within a time duration (or endlessly if you want) or a specified number of times and play all videos on a page. The Greasymonkey script for this can be downloaded at Youtube Better Loopy.

2. Keep-Tube – Almost certainly the best script for downloading YouTube videos, it allows you to download videos in different formats like HD, FLV, MP4, 3GP and HQ. After installing the script you can find download link near the video title. The Greasymonkey script for this can be downloaded at Keep Tube.
(A similar and almost equally good script would be – Download ANY Video from YouTube)

3. YouTube Lyrics – YouTube Lyrics adds a lyrics box to the YouTube sidebar under the video information box. It can search in eleven different lyrics sites and it also displays all the results in a drop down. The Greasymonkey script for this can be downloaded at Youtube Lyrics.

4. YouTube Cleaner – This option helps you to Clean up the appearance of a YouTube page by removing pesky ads, comments, promos and related videos. It also allows you to restore your normal settings with a simple click. The Greasymonkey script for this can be downloaded at  Youtube Cleaner.
(A similar script would be VideoFocus) .

This is it from Greasymonkey on Youtube. If you find this post useful, do share it with your friends and leave your queries/comments in the box below :)

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