Ad-Hoc – Computer to Computer Networking

by Niteen Autade on January 3, 2013

Ad-Hoc – Computer to Computer Networking

Ever been in a situation where you went to your friend’s place with your laptop and the friend also had a laptop but there was no wireless router, no RJ-45 cable for multiplayer lan gaming or file sharing???Well,in such cases , Ad-Hoc network becomes a life saver. Ad-Hoc is a computer to computer network. The wireless card of the laptops is use to send signals to other laptops for connectivity and that is how a network gets formed.

Note : This tutorial is mainly written for those having windows 7 installed.

So, let us see how we can create these wireless networks and start file sharing or gaming or whatever you could do in a LAN.

1)Go to control panel>Networking and sharing center. Click on set up a new connection network.

2)Click on setup a wireless Ad-Hoc network. Click Next.



3)Click Next.

4)Now type-in the network name and the type of security (open,wep,wpa2).Click Next.


Now your Ad-hoc network has been setup.You can check your wireless networks. It will show that its currently waiting for users.

Now you can view the wireless networks on your friend’s laptop and connect to the ad hoc network.

That’s it, you both are connected.

Now you both can enjoy LAN gaming just like you do at a cyber cafe.

If you wish to share folders to file sharing you first have to disable password protected file sharing.To do that, go to Control Panel>Networking and Sharing center.Click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings.

Put a check mark on Turn on file and printer sharing. Turn off password protected sharing.



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