Whatsapp -The World Just Got Closer

by Sri Hari on December 30, 2012

Twenty years ago this month, the SMS was born in London and “Merry Christmas” was the first message sent across. Now, text message is slowly being replaced by another phenomenon that is threatening to change the landscape forever.

Whatsapp,the mobile messaging app created in 2009 is now a global phenomenon and shows no sign of slowing down, any time soon. Infact, many attribute the so called death of the text messages nowadays, directly to the arrival and rise to prominence of WhatsApp.


So what is WhatsApp? WhatsApp Messenger is a cross platform messaging app that allows notifications to be pushed instantly without having to pay for SMS. Unlike other services, it doesn’t require usernames or logins. This service uses your phone number as your unique ID. On top of this, WhatsApp Messenger has a very standard interface with a list of clients and a separate chat window for each conversation, for ease of access. With such simple yet effective functions, it should come as no surprise to anybody that WhatsApp is one of the best apps going  around at the moment.

Why WhatsApp?

NO HIDDEN COST: Once you have downloaded this app on your iPhone or Android or one of the many smart phones, which this app supports, all you need to chat is internet access and it’s completely free for the first year and 0.99 cents/year from then. For the services being provided, that is a complete steal.

FAST AND EASY INSTALL: Unlike many other apps, this app can be easily downloaded, thanks to its small size and also can be installed without much fuss. So you don’t have to waste your precious time, waiting for it to download or install.

NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT: Another quality that distinguishes it from other apps is that, WhatsApp Messenger is always on. Now there is no room for any confusion of being logged out, thanks to its push notifications. So now you are always ON and connected.

  • GROUP CHAT: You can now chat with your favorite friends any time you want and can even sort them into groups and send messages.

This elegant feature is probably the most underrated feature of this app as this allows you the option of sending the same messages to multiple friends at the same time without having to type it all over again.

MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: Not only can you send text messages, this nifty app also allows you the option of sending videos and images and a whole lot more. All of this is done using the Wifi or 3G connection on your phone, so you don’t have to pay a dime to send a song to your friend in Australia.

 Not only this, but you also have the option of sharing your location so that the other person is aware of where this message is sent from. This is yet another invaluable option to have in your arsenal.


NO NEED TO ADD YOUR FRIENDS:  Since WhatsApp Messenger uses your phone number as the identification, it can read your device’s contacts, so there is absolutely no need to add anyone. If they are in your phone book, you can use WhatsApp to get in touch with them whenever you want.

  • OFFLINE MESSAGES: The beauty of this app is that even if you turn your phone off, the message will be stored offline and you will see it, the next time you turn the app and phone on. So, you will not miss a single message that is sent to you, even if your phone is switched off.
  • AND SO MUCH MORE: Apart from the aforementioned features, you can customize your WhatsApp profile, update how you are feeling and also exchange contacts and do so much more, all at once.


Final Verdict

It is really a no brainer. WhatsApp is the fast becoming the standard messenger app, for almost everybody at the moment cutting across several platforms, thanks to simple yet elegant and effective setup. The ease of setup and the lack of login mean that this is without a shadow of a doubt, the simplest of the messenger apps out there. If you travel frequently and are looking at a way of saving a considerable amount of money on text and video chats, then WhatsApp is the app for you.


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