Pros and Cons of windows 8 to windows 7

by Swetha Sridharan on December 18, 2012

Windows 8 is an operating system developed by the Microsoft to mainly enhance the user experience and to withstand apple, ipad and android competition in supporting the mobile interface.



1. Innovative and dynamic desktop start screen:

In Windows 8 , we have start screen instead of start menu which is the home page. All essential tools are pinned to the screen in form of tiles.

2. Improved security:

While windows 7 provide security in form of password, face recognition and finger print scanner, windows 8 takes security to a whole new level. It has picture password to log on and built in antivirus capabilities.

3. Speedy boot up:

When compared to windows 7 , windows 8 has a faster booting time . It can boot the system and apps within a small interval of time, since here the boot up hibernates itself till the next time it is switched on instead of switching itself off.

4. Improved search function:

The search function in windows 8 is more advanced than its predecessor windows 7. Since no start menu is available in windows 8, you can find the search box by typing any letter on the start screen which opens the search box. This helps to find the required file accurately and even hidden files are showed during this search.

5. Task manager:

Another noteworthy difference between Windows 7 and 8 is the Task Manager. Windows 7 is apparently the last version that will use the classic version of this handy section of the OS. The new Task Manager seems to be much simpler and end user friendly, showing only the tasks and processes that are currently running. Any of these items can be killed with the click of the button, thus freeing up system resources.

6. Windows to go:

This is one special feature of windows 8. This is an USB 3.0 pen drive which is capable of copying the windows 8 booting and the last saved settings of your laptop. If by change your laptop is corrupted by virus, it is possible to restore your laptop setting by copying the files from your Windows to go pen drive to your system. Thereby saving money from reinstalling windows 8 again and safekeeping your last saved setting.

7. Snap apps:

Snap apps is the ability of windows 8 to multitask at the same time on your screen. A number of apps can be switched on and working by sharing the screen space. While in windows 7 sharing screen space is not available.

8. Faster data-transfer:

This feature gives more control to the users to manipulate the files. Windows 8 enables to pause file transfer and manage file conflicts that arises when copying, more efficiently than in windows 7.

9. Skydrive:

This a storage drive which is used to store files online by using your Microsoft account. This storage is done with the help of cloud computing. This storage space available for free of cost.


1)     Steep learning curve:

Windows 8 does away with the traditional task bar and features a completely new ribbon-based interface. Hence majority people need to undergo training if they want to utilize the windows 8 to the max.

2)      Lack of familiarity:

Most users connect windows with the start menu. Instead of start menu in this version we have start screen. Here the icons in the start menu are arranged in the screen in tile display, with the exception of control panel and search box.

3)   Restriction of Windows media player:

Windows media player, an software to play dvd movies and songs in windows 7 can play only songs in windows 8, since extra decoders to play movies proved to be expensive. Hence to play movies in windows media player extra files have to separately download.

4)   New hardware requirement:

From an IT perspective, the changes made to Windows 8 could end up costing businesses a lot of money. To take advantage of many of the new features offered, new hardware will need to be purchased to support the higher graphics demand and touch-sensitive aspects of the OS.



Even though the window 7 isn’t that old, most people are upgrading their OS to windows 8 because it offers a common user experience for both laptop and phone users. Those who have upgraded to windows 7 recently can wait and then upgrade depending on their usage of applications, since windows 8 is a bit more technically advanced than windows 7.

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