The Courier Is Here – Dashlane!

by Rohit Vincent on October 23, 2012

Dashlane is a password management tool in one word. To get it, head to and download it.  The basic edition of the software, which has all the features you’re likely to need, is free.  It runs under Windows, OSX , Ios , Android and supports popular browsers such as IE, FireFox and Chrome.


Once you’ve installed Dashlane, you can continue to use the web like how you normally do. Dashlane offers to save the user name and password of any new website that you just have just logged in. The benefit of Dashlane over a normal web browser  is that once after saving the details in Dashlane, it automatically logs you into the websites whose username and password you have previously saved.Saves you the time of recollecting and typing different passwords for different sites on the web. The main features of Dashlane which makes it such a popular tool is that :

  • It uses AES-256, which is used by military, financial, and government institutions.
  • The key to unlock the encrypted data is always with the user.
  •  The encrypted data stored on our servers is of no value to hackers as keys are not stored anywhere by Dashlane.
  • Smart form filling.
  • Secure sending.


Dashlane recently unveiled a courier service that features the ability for users to transmit secure and encrypted messages which includes passwords to anyone, even if the receiver is not a user of Dashlane. Here is the amazing part – the messages self-destruct 30 minutes after they’re opened. Courier is the best thing for sending passwords to others securely. The feature mainly used to send sensitive content and personal materials can also be used to transmit various banking information as well.


To start you need a Dashlane account and Dashlane installed on your system. The recipients of your private messages gets an email with the link to view the encrypted message along with a generated key to decrypt the message making it readable   As soon as the link is clicked, the 30-minute time bomb starts at the end of which the message is destroyed even if it is read or not.

A cool app to check out and to make your life easier and more secure.Try it out! :)


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