How to get 500 GB for free on the cloud * !!

by Shreyas Joshi on July 4, 2012

Realize upto 500 GB of storage free on the cloud !!!

Before you move on to reading the article completely please do not fail to notice the ‘ * ’ in the title.

Yes you are right, of course terms and conditions apply ;-)

Cloud storage is one of the most sought after services nowadays with an ever increasing data stream. The hardware resources are virtualized to us depending on our need and requirements. It follows the unofficial motto of the cloud which goes to say that clients pay only for what they use. Flexibility in terms of use also ensures that the client can anytime scale up or reduce his usage according to his wish.

Let’s see how we can use this storage…for FREE !!

Where there is data, there is a fear of it being leaked. The very fact that all our information is with a third person, our storage provider who can access it at his will has spells of insecurity written all over it.

However, services that have come up are taking security measures in order to secure their clients’ data by a combination of the following primary means:

  • Data Encryption: They use an encryption algorithm to encode all the data. An encryption key is needed by the user to decode all the information. Decryption requires a large amount of computing power and hence hacking of the data is difficult.
  • Authentication: The user creates an account and holds a username password combination. He can login and only then perform actions on the data in his account much like the conventional way in which we use web services now.
  • Authorization: Several levels of authorization are encouraged to be employed wherein a client can select people who would have access to information on the cloud server. For example, in a basic company setup, an employee might have access to limited amount of information while the manager of the company might have access to all files in the  cloud.

There are several cloud storage providers out there, each one competing to get their data centers flooded with client data. Most of these provide a certain amount of space for free initially.

The amount of free space when added up over major storage service providers comes out to be nearly upto half a TerraByte. We may not use all of it, but it is better to know that something of this scale exists on the cloud, who knows when our hard disks crash (like my Seagate did a couple of weeks back), you may want to consider occupying the cloud.

The table below lists the top cloud storage services that can help us realize nearly half a Terrabyte in the cloud:


Cloud Service

Free Storage Provided

Associated Clause


200 GB

Provides 10 GB Free, can be increased to 200GB through its grid computing based P2P shared storage.


50 GB`

Full 50 GB for free. No clauses.


52 GB

Provides 2 GB free, 50 GB through referrals.


50 GB

50 GB free for various  box smartphone users who install the box app on their phone.5 GB free otherwise.


15 GB

An easy way to backup, access and sync files.5 GB free + 10 GB through referrals.


15 GB

10 GB free + 5 GB through referrals.

Asus Webstorage

12 GB

2 GB free + 10 GB through referrals.


10 GB

2.5 GB free + 8 GB through referrals.

Microsoft Skydrive

7 GB

7 GB free. No associated clauses


7 GB

7 GB free. No associated clauses

Google Drive

5 GB

5 GB free with no clauses.


See you all on the cloud :D

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